20 Social Media Conferences That Are Worth Attending

Thanks to Alfred Lua of Buffer for assembling this list! For the full run-down for each conference, visit the original post on Buffer's blog. 

Here’s a quick overview of the top social media marketing conferences for the rest of 2017. This list is arranged chronologically. 

  1. Social Media Marketing World (March 22-24, San Diego)
  2. Social Media Conference for PR, Marketing and Corporate Communications (March 27-29, Orlando)
  3. Content Marketing Conference (April 11-13, Boston)
  4. Social Media Strategies Summit (April 26-28, Chicago)
  5. Social Media & Web Analytics Summit (April 26-27, San Francisco)
  6. Social Media Camp (May 3-4, Victoria, British Columbia)
  7. Engage Prague (May 17-19, Prague)
  8. The Social Shake-Up (May 22-24, Atlanta)
  9. WistiaFest (June 11-13, Boston)
  10. Social Media Week (June 12-16, Los Angeles, Mexico City, and Milan)
  11. Corporate Social Media Summit (June 15-16, New York)
  12. Digital Marketing World Forum Expo Global (June 19-20, London)
  13. VidCon (June 21-24, Anaheim)
  14. Content Marketing World (September 5-8, Cleveland)
  15. INBOUND (September 25-28, Boston)
  16. SpredFast Summit (October 2-4, Austin)
  17. Social Tools Summit (October 18, Boston)
  18. PubCon (November 6-9, Las Vegas)
  19. Social Fresh Conference (TBA)
  20. CMX Summit (TBA)

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