Need a Creativity Boost? Go For A Walk

What's better? Working harder or working smarter? I'd vote for the latter, and with more creative thinking, you may be able to find better solutions and do just that.

A new Stanford University study reveals the best prescription to stimulate creativity: walking. 

Safer than nootropics and better for your overall health, walking outperforms other mental hacking options. In fact, creative output is increased by about 60% when walking. 

The Stanford study also shows that your ability to generate creative ideas through multiple possible solutions, (a.k.a. "divergent thinking") significantly accelerates while walking. And, 100% of study participants completed complex analogies while walking outdoors, compared to 50% of those seated inside.

Walking outdoors is best, but indoors offers creative benefits too. So the next time you're stuck or want to preempt a mental trough, don't make excuses: just get up and walk. 

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