Coffee naps: the new 15-minute break

Around three or four o'clock in the afternoon, your energy starts to slump. Even with a solid lunch strategy, the healthiest among us may find focus and energy slumping during this biological lull. But should you drink caffeine after 2pm? Science says maybe...if you're careful. 

Studies show that combining caffeine with a nap may improve performance. 

Caffeine is a tool to be used, not abused. Strategic use may improve your alertness and help you be more productive, whilst not overtaxing your adrenal glands.

To understand how a coffee nap might work, we need to understand how the body processes caffeine.

It takes about 45 minutes for caffeine to move to the small intestine, where it is absorbed and distributed through the body. Around 30 minutes, caffeine's alerting affect initiates, making a 15-20 minute nap an ideal reset period. You enjoy your coffee, take a cat nap, then awake to more mental alertness that can last for hours. 

But keep in mind that caffeine can remain in the blood for at least four to five hours after drinking two cups of coffee or more. 

So don't try this in the evening or you'll experience the worst side effect of caffeine: sleeplessness. 

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